Om Mani Padme Hum
Tsum Nile Ladang

Tsum Nile Ladrang

Dub De O Sal Choling -
Godawari Monastery
Lalitpur, Nepal.

Tsum Nile Ladrang



Tsum Nile Ladrang is currently struggling for its survival. The monastic communities are made up of Ngag pas (lay practitioners), ordained monks and nuns. In the previous generations the Ngag pas were able to support both the lamas and the physical building of the monastery as the time has changed. These practitioners no longer have much time for the practice. They have a very hard living as the basis of their wealth, the salt trade between Nepal and Tibet, no longer exists and the high altitude, harsh climate only allow them one harvest of crops a year. Monks and nuns are depended for survival on the kindness some very rare benefactors. It's very hard to provide daily food supplements and quite often they needed to go begging to the villages. Even its very less what they get from begging because the families living there are poor, they will give food only in exchange for work in the fields. So, they eat very simple i.e. a cooked tsampa and some chili is daily diet. They get potatoes, turnips and some wild vegetables in summer but they are very limited. So, they dried up the wild vegetables for winter if they were able to collect more in summer.