Om Mani Padme Hum
Tsum Nile Ladang

Tsum Nile Ladrang

Dub De O Sal Choling -
Godawari Monastery
Lalitpur, Nepal.

Tsum Nile Ladrang



1 Rigang Monastery
It is one of first monastery in Tsum after Depuet Dronme, Longtrang Rinchen pungpa and Gon Dhundup Ling. It is built in 13th century by Densa Rinchen. It has been renovated few times the last one was during the time of Dochenpa Tsewang Chime Gonpo around . Now it collapsed down in 2003 due to the rain water that ruined the woods poles, pillars, beams etc. The building wall of the monastery was built up by the local people and with help of Nepal government. There are still lots of works to be done as the roofing, inside paintings, wooden furnitures, Shelves; Statues as the old statue made of clay has been dissolve due the rain water.

2 Chorten Jangchup Choling Monastery
It is a monastery built next to the Stupa Jangchup Namgyal. It is built during the time of first Minling Terchen Gyurmey Dorji. He predicted that the stupa should be built for the protection of the people of the area from the suffering occurred from mice, bad harvest, no rain water etc. So, the building of the stupa there helped the people of the area from above sufferings. They also built a monastery near by. The stupa has been renovated in
But the monastery needs to be renovated as all the pujas, offering, prayer are done there.
The monasteries roof has been leaking and because of that all the floor and roof lances are spoiled. So, now it is about to Collapsed. We seek your kind support to renovate this monastery.

chorten Jangchup Namgyal monastery

3 Fooding for the Nunneries in Tsum
There are presently two nunneries and a nun's retreat centre in Tsum. The nuns living there are keeping with the daily practice of old age tradition of Buddhism. They learn and do the daily Buddhist prayers, rituals, music, meditation etc. As the Tsum is far behind the hills and mountains. The people there get just one crop a year and they needs 6-7 days walk to get to the nearest town where food supplement are sold. The nunneries really needs a fooding funds to provide the nuns living there with the daily food supplements. Nuns depend on the kindness of some very rare benefactors and quite often they needed to go begging to the villages. Even its very less what they get from begging because the families living there are poor, they will give food only in exchange for work in the fields. So, they eat very simple i.e. a cooked tsampa and some chili is daily diet. They get potatoes, turnips and some wild vegetables in summer but they are very limited. So, they dried up the wild vegetables for winter if they were able to collect more in summer. We are looking for some very generous donors who can donate to the community for the daily food supplements. It needs about US$ 150 yearly for a nun for the foods. The community also faces many difficulties such as medical, clothing etc.

4 Kitchen and Dinning Building
As the O Sal Choling Godawari Monastery has a plan and architecture of the whole building and was unable to complete the right wing. So, the monastery is looking forward of building just the ground floor of the right wing which will be used for the permanent kitchen the Dinning hall and the store room. The base and the ground floor will be costing us around US$ 44,800.

5 3D Vajrayogini Mandala
As Gadawari is considered among the 25 secret places of Chakrasamvara and as this place bear a natural rock secret palace of Vajrayogini. Lama Sherap Rinpoche decided to build a Vajrayogini 3D mandala with the Shrine room. So, the vajrayogini practitioner can practice vajrayogini in a place of vajrayogini. The building of the 3D mandala is in process. We are very thankful to Mr.Chin Yuen San for the sponsorship and co-ordinating sponsors for this project. We also wants to thank Mr. Tan Meng Lee for his contribution.

6 Teachers
We have hired two teachers to teach the monks here in Godawari. One of the hired teachers teaches them English and Nepali. while the other teaches them Tibetan, Hygine, discipline etc. These teacher have to paid monthly salary of US$ 74. The prayers, musics, dances, rituals are taught by the senior monks. We are looking for a nun's teacher who can teach the nuns English and Nepali. It's very hard to find a teacher going to Tsum to teach as Tsum is very far and remote. We wish to teach and train few nuns here in Kathmandu and later sent them to teach in Tsum after completion of their studies. Presently our two nuns are studying in Shree Mangal Dvip High School founded by VV Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. We thank all the administrators of SMDHS especially Shirley Blair, Gloria Jones, Kenpo Chonyi, Thrangu Tara Abbey and the sponsors. We are also looking for a Nun who can teach the Buddhist philosophy to the nuns.