Om Mani Padme Hum
Tsum Nile Ladang

Tsum Nile Ladrang

Dub De O Sal Choling -
Godawari Monastery
Lalitpur, Nepal.

Tsum Nile Ladrang




The most of the lineage holder of Nile Labrang were well trained tibetan herbal healers. So, Lama Sherap rinpoche also studied tibetan medicine from well known Dr.Younten phuntsok (who was secretary to 2nd Jamgon Kongtrul and treasurer for the 3rd Jamgon Kongtrul). He helped many villagers in the medication of their sickness in whatever way he can. He educated two nuns with traditional tibetan medicine and astrology. He was unable to educate them with modern medicine because they don't have knowledge of english. So, they studied for 5 years in tibetan medicine practically working in a tibetan medicine factory in kathmandu. Then in the year with the help of Ani Yeshi he was introduced to SEEDS. The SEEDS helped funding the clinic building in the upper Tsum in between Chule and Nile. They also helped in buying medicines and paying the nun doctors. Recently he requested SEEDS to help funding another clinic in Lower Tsum in a place called Domche. They agreed according to the benefits and progress made from the previous clinic. So, SEEDS has been very benificial, helpful for all the people in the area in many sectors.
We are very thankful to Mr. Tan Tze Yang and Family for the donations of medicines. We welcome every individuals to help in buying medicines, supplying medicines, creating a fund to hold a health campaigns with different specialist. Do please help the project to give a new life to the people of Tsum as there isn't any proper health centre around.


A new branch of Tsum Shenphen Clinic was brought into operation since 1st September 08. it is built in the lower region of Tsum in a place called Domche. The building was funded by SEEDS, Nepal. Dr. Ani Kunsang is taking care of the clinic and she has also been teaching and training 3 small nuns at the clinic.