Om Mani Padme Hum
Tsum Nile Ladang

Tsum Nile Ladrang

Dub De O Sal Choling -
Godawari Monastery
Lalitpur, Nepal.

Tsum Nile Ladrang


All the 22 different monasteries have a special ceremony of its own. The people where the monastery lies are usually compulsory to attend the ceremony and any other people interested are welcomed.Some of the ceremonies includes a week puja depending on the tradition of the monaster and then mask dance in the end. Most of the monasteries have two sets of Nyung Ney practice (to observe fasting). Most of each village has two monasteries for lay practitioner. One for the male and other for the female. On the 10th and 29th or 25th the males gathers in the monasteriey called Lhakhang and they does the practice according to the tradition and Tsok (feast) offerings. On the 15th and 30th females gathers in the monasteriey called Mani Dunggyur and does the Avalokeshvara's practice and traditional Mani prayers with rhythm.

Following are the different main ceremony of different monasteries
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