Om Mani Padme Hum
Tsum Nile Ladang

Tsum Nile Ladrang

Dub De O Sal Choling -
Godawari Monastery
Lalitpur, Nepal.

Tsum Nile Ladrang


1. The book describing the brief introduction and history of the lineages and the monasteries in both English and Tibetan Languages are ready for publication and the monastery needs funds for it . Anyone who is interested and willing to help are welcome.

2. The traditional book for the daily prayer of the monks in the monasteries are also in process and we welcome the contributer to help in the publication of these Dharma texts.

3. We are trying to publish and distribute some of the very rare Buddhist Text and some very rare text of the lineage in particular. Recently we have finished inputting the text composed by Gonangwa Thinley Duezom. It comprises of two big volumes and the printing these texts cost around US$ 5,150. We are looking for the sponsors to print this text. We are very thankful for Rev. KAI DING for arranging a sponsor to print this text in Malaysia.