Om Mani Padme Hum
Tsum Nile Ladang

Tsum Nile Ladrang

Dub De O Sal Choling -
Godawari Monastery
Lalitpur, Nepal.

Tsum Nile Ladrang



Buddhist prayer is a practice to awaken our inherent inner capacities of strength, compassion and wisdom. Buddhist prayer is a form of meditation; it is a practice of inner reconditioning which replaces the negative with the virtuous and thus points us to the blessings of Life. Prayer should be part of our spiritual journey, transforming confusion into clarity and suffering into joy. We believe that in order for prayer to be effective it must be devoid of any self-centeredness and calculation, relying strictly on great compassion. It should be done to strengthen and open our hearts, and to benefit all beings. We do daily prayers in the monastery and also performs different prayer according to the request of the sponsors. We also perform different prayers on different special days.